SYD Technology Services can help your organization flourish to sustain healthy growth through the timely recruitment of specialist personnel, at all levels, on a permanent basis.

Unlike larger generalist search firms, we are passionate about giving you the attention at great depths which your job requirement deserves. We invest in our highly qualified experienced teams with innovative technologies to reduce recruitment cycle times, simply providing a better match than our competitors.

We are able to ensure that your organization receives the right person for its requirements within in the desired timescale. SYDTS prides itself on the quality of candidates we are able to expeditiously provide. We are particularly strong on Information Technology skills with an extensive pool of experienced and qualified candidates at all levels, from operator through to CTO level.

 This highly specialized service provides the most effective and appropriate methods for recruitment of key individuals into any organization, in circumstances where the suitable candidates are scarce. Our goal is to enable a client to make an offer within three weeks from commencement of the search. SYDTS has successfully placed numerous CEO’s, CIO’s, VP’s, GM’s and the like into prestigious companies worldwide